We offer consultant service such as to provide machining and test cut solution, to establish Maintenance system etc. We hope to solve the customer’s problem and improve the ability of self-maintenance. We also offer work flow improvement service to our customer, we will study the current work flow and then provide the improvement method and suggestion to increase the efficiency.

Application Project

We have a professional team to improve the application and efficiency of machine equipment for customers. Services include advanced machine tool application, processing technology analysis and recommendations, efficiency analysis and improvement works, etc., through the improvement of technology, optimization program procedures, improve the working process and designing special fixture, etc., is intended to help customers solve technical problems, improve equipment efficiency.

Periodical Calibration Service

We provide the periodical machine calibration service to our customer, let they can know their machine situation and performance. All of our calibration equipment is qualified under ISO9001:2015 standard and awarded from the National Institute. That means our calibration service is the high quality service. e.g. KCRC is one of the customer who join this service.


「Turn-Key」Project is the comprehensive service. The customer only provide their requirement, then we will help them to design the work flow, find the supply, select the machine, setup and test cut etc until the product is come out. The customer only need to concern their production.

Equipment accessories development and production

In recent years, our company has started to develop and manufacture equipment accessories to reduce the cost of accessories for customers to purchase equipment. To reduce the cost of production by providing inexpensive and quality equipment to customers.

Special Fixture
Special Fixture
HPCBS 系統數控機床高壓冷卻系統
HPCBS system CNC machine tool high pressure cooling system

High pressure center flushing system
High pressure Flushing system

Software and system development

In addition to the development and production equipment and accessories, we also research and development of different types for the client software and operating system, using a large number of customers of “brothers” brand machine tools to design a set of remote monitoring and control system, to help customers to monitor plant operation, let the customer master the real-time production situation, and make appropriate adjustment and strain measures according to situation at any time.
In addition, we have developed a dedicated operating system for our own “FAST CELL FC1”, which makes it easier, faster and more user-friendly. In addition, also for the developed a set of “wireless area network system software”, customers can through the wireless network connecting computer, tablet, mobile phone and so on different types of intelligent device, so that the customer master the real-time production situation, tool condition and operation condition, the system with a self diagnosis function, so it is convenient to maintain the customer.